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It was hard for me to send my daughter abroad for her masters as she is very careless when it comes to her health, I had to keep a check on her regularly to remind her of her meals. Although her friends were going with her but couldn’t stop worrying for her. It was hard to take this step but eventually I had to because it was my daughter’s dream to go abroad for her master’s degree.

I kept searching for easy recipes and for frozen items which I can send her from here, but this process was quite a hassle and time consuming. One day while searching I came across few online superstores which delivers grocery and other food items through online orders, but then as every online store ever. Some would lack in hygiene, some would in service etc. I told my daughter about few websites which would help with her meals in which this website ‘Dinnerly’ was also included.

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She tried it and loved it so much because of their high-end service and amazing assistance. She called me with a relief that there would be no more chaos regarding her fitness as Dinnerly is kind enough to offer fitness guidance along with diet plans as well as Dinnerly coupon code to save on your orders.

 I was relaxed and happy to hear that thankfully this website came to rescue all my worries. She reviewed all the products which she and her friends ordered, and I was shocked to know about customized hampers and their discount offers.


-Pizza, burger and pasta

For Pasta there was ready to assemble kit which took few minutes and it was ready to serve. Most amazingly all these contains rich proteins and low fats which help people to stay fit. It offers all food items, cooked, uncooked, groceries, drinks with divine taste and easy to access. They have described each product briefly, their calories, ingredients, summary of what it contains.

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Ready Meals just dig in!

There are several of options in this department, its best for people who are always in hurry and ignore their meals. Curry with rice, pizza, porridge, wraps, pastry rolls and so much more. Just visit their website and you’ll find everything, just a click away.


They have different packages made for people’s convenience, such as in one hamper they have meat free products, other hamper would contain meat. People can also customize their own hampers as if they don’t want anything in existing one so they give you option to customize your hamper and will charge you according to the products you added in a hamper.

Dinnerly gives all what you want, be it grocery, supplements, fruits and vegetable basically everything under one screen. Clean and protected, deliveries on time, great assistance with remarkable fitness deals. It is a perfect click for people who search for cooking assistance and fitness related queries. I would highly recommend Dinnerly for people like me who lives alone and has to keep a balance between their diet, work and studies.

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